Musician. Dancer. Choreographer.
The new album,  Ximbombo, was nominated for a 2017 Western Canadian Music Award!

"I'm releasing a new baby; Ximbombo and this third baby is cooked to perfection. Although I love my first two babies and they were nominated for the Western Canadian Music Award, I feel that in those ones I was searching for my own place in the world.

On this 12-track CD, oh yes, I’m proud to say that I have found the place that I was looking for. I got the groove, the melodies, the chant, and the rhythm…what more do you need? The moves? Come on man?... The Ximbombo cd is well seasoned and is set apart from all that you have heard."

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​On November 6th, 2017 Casimiro Nhussi and the NAfro band performed at the Winnipeg Centennial Concert Hall along with Don Amero and Al Simmons, for the Manitoba Choral Association's Voices Rising concert. Here's a short clip!