2017 Western Canadian Music Awards

The new album,  Ximbombo, was nominated for a 2017 Western Canadian Music Award​!

"I'm releasing a new baby; Ximbombo and this third baby is cooked to perfection. Although I love my first two babies and they were nominated for the Western Canadian Music Award, I feel that in those ones I was searching for my own place in the world.

On this 12-track CD, oh yes, I’m proud to say that I have found the place that I was looking for. I got the groove, the melodies, the chant, and the rhythm…what more do you need? The moves? Come on man?... The Ximbombo cd is well seasoned and is set apart from all that you have heard."

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Gweka nominated for the Western Canadian Music Awards
​​​​​​The world music record
A human smile can sometimes hide the truth, but the sound of a musical instrument can never lie to the naked ear. There is truthfulness and uniqueness in this record. There is a good marriage of world musical instruments such as African hand drums, percussion, xylophone, mbira, xitende, gangwe and cajon with nylon guitars, saxophone, trumpet and drum kit...; just like a happy couple who are taking a walk at the sea shore at the sunset. This CD is truly world music where listeners and world music lovers travel through the different music textures of Mozambique, Africa and of our planet. Thirteen tracks thirteen different journeys. If you like to move, put your shoes on, load this album and go for won’t be disappointed. If you are a listener, put your drink in a cup, sit down, load this album and enjoy the ride. Now on sale at iTunes,,, CD Universe, CD and in Winnipeg  at McNally Robinson.
Makonde nominated for the 2010 Western Canadian Music Awards

​Makonde album was finalist for the Western Canadian Music Award for the World Recording of the Year 2010. ​ Now on sale at iTunes,,, CD Universe, CD and in Winnipeg  at McNally Robinson

Winnipeg Free Press - PRINT EDITION​


Makonde: Roots of Northern Mozambique (Poppycock)


Transplanted African dancer and musician Cas Nhussi seems to have an unending well of creative energy and Winnipeggers are the benefactors of that vigour. This contemporary African music album is a sweet and honest set of tracks that has an authentic feel and rootsy vibe, while adding a simple modernist sheen that doesn't detract from the overall listening experience.


Nhussi's vocals and instrumental skills on djembe, xylophone and various percussion instruments is startling. The addition of local first-string players like Gerry Atwell, B.J. Harrison, Damon Mitchell and Rod Hussy is wise, and they don't appear to be mere hired guns -- they sound like they truly understand and groove with Nhussi's vision.


Fans of real African music will be well satisfied with the creative weight this album offers. We are lucky to have this talented chap in our midst. ****1/2


-- J. Monk


Casimiro Nhussi and the NAfro Band will be performing this year at the 2017 WInnipeg Jazz Festival, Visit for tickets!